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Committed to thoroughly understanding
your landscaping needs, goals, and budget.


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From simple granite replenishment
to turf reduction to entry monument upgrades

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  • Licensed
  • Full service landscape maintenance
  • Community, HOA, and Commercial
  • Caring…Its what we do!

We recognize the investment our clients have made in their communities, especially as exhibited through their landscaping.

Properly maintained landscape environments…

…Improves the value of communities and properties
…Encourages pride and well-being
…Creates general feeling of peace and harmony

Main Core Values

Being proactive in every situation
Answer the phone – LIVE 24/7! (not an answering service)
Sincere dedication to ongoing and consistently clear communication

We are your partner!

Our dedication to solid communication builds the bonds between Property Managers, Board Members, and Landscape Committees.

The TIERRA MADRE Landscape Services Team carefully listens to our clients and what they say the want, and we anticipate their needs with our knowledge and expertise. That allows us to easily adapt services to “blow the sock off” of their expectations!

TIERRA MADRE Landscape Services is the clear choice!



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