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Homeowners Association

We are committed to thoroughly understanding your landscaping needs, goals, and budget. Whether you are a board member, a commercial real estate landlord or a management company, we at TIERRA MADRE realize the challenge you face with maintaining property values and appearance while minimizing the expenses required to operate and maintain the property.

Our knowledge and experience coupled with our vast business management expertise in both the private and public sectors provides us with unique insight that goes far beyond routine landscape responsibilities.

Through regular communication, TIERRA MADRE partners with you to ensure your community’s satisfaction and curb appeal by providing:

  • Regular assessments of all landscape components from irrigation and overall plant health to future renovation and improvement needs.
  • Routine monthly landscape reports provided to the manager and the Board.


In the world of commercial real estate investment, the phrase “location, location, location” comes to mind. Site selection is important, but, once you’ve chosen the spot, the next thing to consider is creating curb appeal. We understand the importance of keeping up the appearance of your property while also maintaining property safety. We also get that budget considerations are a regular part of your job.

For those reasons, TIERRA MADRE works to visually promote and enhance the outward appeal of your property location through regularly scheduled landscape maintenance, planned renovation projects, and 24/7 emergency service, while doing our best to save money without cutting corners.

Our team of landscape professionals has the experience needed to successfully manage and expertly maintain multi-location properties. TIERRA MADRE is committed to creating a detailed care plan and schedule and then delivering professionally managed results.

Advantages of Partnering with TIERRA MADRE

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Online Billing
  • HOA Board Meeting Attendance
  • Community Event Sponsorship & Participation
  • Landscape Management Reporting
  • Seasonal Advice
  • Annual Color Change & Seasonal Foliage Change
  • Maintenance:
  • Plant Disease Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Irrigation/Drip Line/Water Evaluation & Conservation Tips
  • Drought/Desert Tolerant Plant Advice
  • Lawn Mowing & Trimming
  • Hedge, Tree, Plant Trimming/Pruning
  • Fertilization
  • Watering Management
  • Drainage Control or Correction
  • Newsletter
  • Free “Lunch & Learn” for Property Managers and Homeowners
  • Sustainable Landscape Practices as Promoted by Arizona Landscape Contractors Association
    (ALCA) & Endorsed by Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM)